You are looking for child care for your son/daughter. While there are lots of options in this regard, you want to enroll with a provider that will be able to provide the best care possible for your child. Here are 4 things your child needs at daycare and being aware of them will help guide you in your search.

1. Supervision

Providing adequate supervision at a daycare should be a given. However, many incidents have occurred where a child is injured or worse because a daycare provider thought that he/she did not have to watch as closely because the area the child was in was safe and secure.

Before choosing a daycare provider, confirm that your child will be watched at all times. This includes nap times where your child should be checked on at regular intervals to ensure they are sleeping without issues. Also confirm that there is nothing in the daycare area that could harm your child, such as cleaners, easily accessible power outlets, cords, and window drawstrings. Having a daycare provider supervising at all times will also ensure that your child is safe from abuse from pets or other children.

2. Stimulation

The years that your child attends daycare are crucial. This is the period that your child learns new things and skills that will guide him/her into preschool years and beyond. As a result, your child to receive the stimulation he/she needs to achieve appropriate milestones.

Before arranging daycare with a provider you are considering, request that you be allowed to stay for a few hours on your child’s first day in attendance. This will give you the opportunity to see what kinds of activities take place during a typical day. Confirm that your child has access to books, puzzles, and toys that will teach your child new things. While some television is good because there are programs that are educational, if you suddenly become aware that your child is watching it for most of the day, you may want to consider a different daycare provider.

3. Encouragement & correction

In addition to learning new things and skills, the preschool years are also a period when your child is learning to deal with emotions and how to behave correctly. To ensure problems do not present themselves in these areas later on, you want to make sure he/she receives the guidance needed early on.

Your child is learning new things and as such, he/she may not always do things correctly. This often leads to frustration and disappointment. Your daycare provider should take the initiative to demonstrate the correct way to do things when mistakes are made. The provider should give your child praise for trying when they make mistakes and when he/she does something right. When your child misbehaves, the provider should correct him/her in a way that shows the comments or actions were wrong but provides a learning experience.

4. Healthy meals

The foods your child eat play a crucial role in their health and development. Vitamins and nutrients consumed contribute to healthy digestive processes, bone structure, and immune systems.

When looking at daycare providers you are considering, ask to see a few sample menus containing means provided to children in attendance. Make sure that all four food groups are covered, giving your child the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong. Many daycare providers are guilty of giving the children they look after lots of juice. However, these usually contain lots of sugar. Instead, request your child receives water and milk instead.

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