Feeling your best is one thing you’ll consistently wish to do. However, the foods you eat, and your lifestyle can play a significant role in your health and well-being. Another factor that can influence your health is your genetics. Many medical conditions can be inherited from your parents and grandparents. Of course, the environment will contribute to your overall health status, as well. Being aware of the various ailments that may impact your life due to these two factors may be helpful.

1. Heart disease

Having a healthy heart is essential for getting the most out of everyday life. One of the top ways to enjoy a stronger cardiovascular system is by exercising on a routine basis.

However, if individuals in your immediate family have heart problems, it’s possible that you may have to deal with these, as well. Keep in mind that this isn’t always the case and the way you live your life can be a determining factor.

2. High blood pressure

There’s little doubt that having high blood pressure can lead to a dire situation. The average blood pressure reading should be 120/80.

If yours is a great deal higher than this or lower for that matter, you should consider getting medical treatment. One of the best all-natural methods to assist in lowering this vital is losing weight.

It may be necessary to take medication to get your blood pressure in the right range.

3. Arthritis

Dealing with painful joints can be difficult to do each day. If you had a family member that suffered from a medical condition known as arthritis, you might have to live with it, as well.

If you do have arthritis the ideal way to combat it is by staying active. Taking time to do some exercise at least a few times per week is essential.

Another thing that may make this condition better or worse includes the foods you eat. Staying away from items that are high in fat, calories and unnatural ingredients can drastically improve your arthritis.

4. Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a very challenging situation. It may be necessary to take a lot of medication or get shots daily to allow you to feel your best.

Diabetes may be something that one of your loved ones had, and it can be passed down to you. Keep in mind that it’s possible to reduce your chances of having this condition by eating right and exercising.

5. Cancer

One of the most dreaded diseases that millions of people face is cancer. Living with this condition can cause you a lot of anxiety and emotional distress. Unfortunately, cancer can be passed down from one generation to the next. If immediate family members had cancer, you’d want to be sure to get your annual medical tests completed. Of course, reducing the amount of sugar you consume daily and living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to help your health.

Taking the time do a DNA test and learn about your genetic make-up is guaranteed to be worthwhile. When you order a DNA test from CRI Genetics or any other providers, this helps to prepare you for health issues you may face later in life. There’s nothing better than having a body that’s healthy.

Ensuring you eat well and stay active can be the ideal way to reduce the chances of having a medical problem due to your genetics. Be sure to do the right things and see your doctor to have a thorough exam. Doing this is your best defence against living in pain or facing bad health that could be due to your genetics!

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