Medical malpractice cases are extremely complex and therefore you need to have a lawyer on your side if you’re going to get your desired outcome. There are many protections in place that make it difficult to prove that a health care professional provided sub-standard care.

Of course, these protections exist in order to make it difficult to file frivolous claims, but if you’re convinced that you have been treated improperly, you’ll want to make sure you assemble the best legal team possible in order to ensure you get the justice you deserve. Here are some tips about finding the right medical malpractice lawyer for your case.

1. Where to get started

Chances are you probably haven’t had to deal with a medical malpractice lawyer in the past, but as you’re likely discovering, it is an incredibly complicated field due to the intersection of medical and legal issues. This specialized field of practice also include some unique procedural challenges due to its sensitive nature.

Generally, those malpractice lawyers working in this area have been specifically trained and groomed for it, and tend to represent one side or the other. This means they either represent injured patients who have decided to proceed with suing their former health care provider, or they defend the provided who are being accused of malpractice. Therefore, if you’ve suffered injury as a result of a medical error, you’ll want to hire a “plaintiff’s lawyer” to represent you.

2. Be prepared to exercise some patience

Due to the complications surrounding medical malpractice law, the most experienced lawyers in the field will often end up turning down many of the cases they are approached with. Although this can be disheartening, just keep in mind the fact that medical malpractice lawyers are very busy and that they want to select cases which are best suited to their skill set and former experience. The process may take some time, but it’s better to shop around and find the perfect fit rather than end up with someone who isn’t quite right.

3. Start asking around

As it usually goes when seeking any sort of legal representation, the best place to start is to ask for personal recommendations. Keep in mind that even though your friends or family may not have had direct experience with a medical malpractice lawyer, they probably have had a good experience with a lawyer of some sort. This lawyer could then put you in touch with someone working in the field. A referral from another trusted lawyer is worth a lot, and although it might not necessarily result in a successful match, it’s a good place to begin your search.

4. Figuring out what’s important to you

The first part of the process will be formulating a list of potential lawyers and from there you’ll want to start paring it down according to your exact specifications and requirements. In order to end up with a few solid candidates to choose from, you will want to look at things like biographical information and dive into some reviews.

In terms of biography, you’d like to see evidence that they specialize in medical malpractice and have even done some writing on the subject. If they’ve taken the time to create some plainly-spoken articles in order to help prospective clients, you can likely rest assured that this is a lawyer you can trust.

5. Time to pick up the phone

Once you have some promising candidates, it’s time to pick up the phone. Although you can also now contact many law firms via email or through their website, making a phone call is usually the quickest and most direct way to get the answers you need. Ask specific questions like what percentage of the firm’s caseload is devoted to medical malpractice, and what portion of cases go to trial rather than settle. You want to know as much about the firm as possible before you make a final decision.

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