Although hearing loss is most common in the elderly, a child can be born with or later develop hearing problems. At a hearing clinic, an audiologist can test your child’s hearing and diagnose loss of hearing or conditions of the inner ear. Early diagnosis of hearing loss during a thorough hearing assessment allows your child to be outfitted with hearing aids or to get other needed treatments. Early intervention also helps to ensure that your child will stay on track developmentally and academically. Keep in mind these four reasons to take your child for a audiology patient consulting visit.

Frequent Ear Infections
Infections of the middle ear are one of the most common childhood ailments. If a child experiences frequent ear infections, it is a good idea to visit an audiologist for a hearing assessment. The audiology experts may be able to determine why your child keeps getting ear infections. Each person’s inner ear anatomy is a little different, and your child may have an inner ear structure that promotes the accumulation of fluid or causes bacteria to become trapped. The audiology team can also check to see if your child’s hearing has been damaged as a result of frequent ear infections.

Allergies and Sinus Issues
A child’s sinus anatomy is not fully developed. Sometimes, mucus and other fluids can accumulate in the sinuses. These fluids can get stuck in the Eustachian tubes, causing an ear infection. An audiologist can check out your child’s ear anatomy and determine if ear infections are the result of poor sinus drainage. Allergy medications or mucus control medicines may be able to help protect your child from ear disorders caused by allergies and sinus infections.

Ringing in the Ears
If your child hears sounds such as ringing in the ears, this is a good reason to make an appointment for patient consulting with an audiology team. Ringing in the ears, referred to by doctors at tinnitus, can develop for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is exposure to a sudden, loud noise. Kids using headphones, ear buds or playing loud video games may experience a period of tinnitus. An audiologist can identify the tone of the tinnitus during a hearing assessment and come up with a treatment plan.

Speech Delays
Speech delays in a child could be a result of hearing loss. The hearing clinic can test your child’s hearing and speech to determine if a speech delay is caused by a hearing problem. If your child has a hearing problem, he or she can be outfitted with hearing aids. The use of hearing aids can help your child’s speech development.

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