The task of finding appropriate home health care for a loved one is likely a journey you eventually expected to embark upon. However, now that you’re at that point, you are finding yourself overwhelmed by all of the options and the information. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you narrow down the possibilities for senior care.


1. Do you take this insurance?

Unless your loved one has the money to pay for continued home health care services out of out pocket, which many people do not, questions about insurance and payment should happen early in the process. If the entity does not take the insurance, then you likely must move on to another option.


2. Do you provide medical services?

As people age, they are often in need of medical services. For example, they may need someone to help them allocate their medications throughout the day, or they may require physical therapy. Some entities provide more of a companion who cannot provide medical services. When your loved one is in need of medical care, you will have to work with an entity that offers this service. For example, a registered nurse can likely help with these issues.


3. Will we have one consistent provider?

Hiring an elderly caregiver can prove difficult for a variety of reasons. One of the stumbling blocks may be the fact that your loved one is not fully ready to accept this type of care. Once the caregiver arrives, however, he or she may begin to see how useful the service is. A bond can begin to form. If that bond is ripped away, you and your relative my find yourselves all the way back at the starting point. While an agency cannot necessarily predict how long a worker will stay with an entity, they can provide some substance in an answer to this question.


4. Can the caregiver drive my loved one?

When some people envision caregivers, they think of assistants who help individuals who are home bound, but that is not always the case. Your loved one may need monitoring, but that does not mean he or she needs to stay inside all of the time. Finding out if the aide can drive or take your relative out is an important task. When the answer is no, you may want to continue researching. Staying inside of the house all day, unless one must, is generally not the best idea.

These questions are some of the ones that you can ask when you are in search of home health care for a loved one. The answers to the questions can give you greater peace of mind and help you eliminate some of the many options.

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