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4 Health Issues That Flaxseed Oil Can Help With

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Your health is important to you and obviously you want to take whatever steps you can to maintain it. Eating healthily is one option to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why the popularity of healthy recipes is constantly on the rise. One dietary option rapidly gaining popularity is health supplements. More and more people are turning to supplements to treat issues, improve bodily functions, and sustain healthy vital organs.

One of these supplements that has become increasingly popular is flaxseed oil. Also known as flax oil, this supplement comes from the ripened seeds of a flax plant and is extremely versatile insofar as it can treat many different conditions. Below are just 4 health issues that can treated with the use of flaxseed oil.

1. Cancer

Cancer is prevalent and therefore devastating with many different types causing illness and death around the world. As a result, it is recommended to precautions to avoid a cancer diagnosis in the future.

Although studies involving flaxseed oil have been limited, the results to date have been encouraging. In these studies, the use of flaxseed oil has resulted in a reduction in the growth of cancer cells and the prevention of tumor growth, showing potential to be instrumental in treating lung and breast cancers.

Flaxseed oil has also demonstrated the ability to block the formation of colon cancer. The success of flaxseed oil in addressing cancer has been largely owed to its antioxidant properties.

2. Heart conditions

The main role of a human heart is pumping blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. With issues such as high blood pressure or blocked arteries, the heart needs to work extra hard to operate properly and this can result in heart attacks and strokes.

Taking flaxseed oil can improve the overall health of a heart. The supplement is high in omega-3 acids which have been proven by numerous studies to improve heart functions. Flaxseed oil is also recommended to improve the condition of the arteries. This is crucial because arteries that become narrower will clog and cause complications as the heart pumps harder to work the blood through.

Flaxseed oil can also reduce cholesterol that can lead to heart disease. The omega-3 acids in the oil can boost the effectiveness of statins, medications that people with high cholesterol regularly take to lower their levels.

3. Digestion

Digestion problems can result in constipation, cramps, and diarrhea. They can also lead to diagnoses such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease if serious and prevalent enough. These issues can be painful and frustrating as it can prevent a sufferer from living a normal life.

Taking flaxseed oil on a regular basis can aid in proper digestion. It is high in fibre content, ensuring that the digestive system is regulated by firming up stool so it can move through the digestive tract as it should. As a result, constipation can be prevented and diarrhea as well since the fibre absorbs everything in the digestive tract that could turn into it.

4. Brain function

The human brain is the main force behind everything a human body does so needless to say, it needs to be healthy to function properly.

It has been suggested by medical professionals that numerous mood disorders may have developed in humans due to a significant deficiency in omega-3 acids in the brain. Because flaxseed oils are extremely rich in omega-3s, it is only logical to think that it can aid in treating mood disorders that include bipolar disorder and major depression.

One specific type of omega-3 is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is crucial for regular brain function and is instrumental in dealing with stress and for memory processes. Regular consumption of flaxseed oil can therefore assist in preventing conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well.

In a study of healthy adults, flaxseed oil boosted protein levels in nerve cells. This means that in addition to mood and cognitive disorders, it also has the potential to protect against strokes and seizures.

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