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4 Most Challenging Parts of a Divorce

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After years of marriage, you and your spouse seek a divorce. This can be a tough time with a range of emotions experienced including anger, disappointment, sadness, and resentment.

However, you need to take steps to start the path to wellness and recovery and unfortunately in order for you to be able to do this, you are required to endure the divorce process first. Because it is such a tedious process, you need a divorce lawyer to assist you. Below are the most challenging parts of a divorce that a divorce lawyer will be able to help you with.

1. Division of property & assets

When you divorce your spouse, the division of your property and finances is necessary. This includes any debts but excludes any inheritance. Because this can be complicated and contentious, you need a lawyer to assist with the process.

A divorce lawyer can assist you when dividing all property and assets. He/she will ensure you get the property that you especially want and deserve. The lawyer will also ensure you get your fair share of income and pension payments that you are entitled to. He/she will guarantee that you do not get racked with more debt than you should have to take on, allowing you to have what you need for your new start.

2. Child support & access

Your children are near and dear to you and you love the time you spend with them, but so does your spouse. As a result, the issue of child support and access can be the most contentious issue in a divorce.

Hiring a divorce lawyer will ensure that you a represented well when it comes to child support access, ensuring you receive what you are entitled to. If you want full custody of the children, your lawyer can make valid arguments as to why this should occur.

If you are seeking joint custody, the lawyer can represent you in conversations with your spouse’s lawyer to work out an agreement regarding visitation. If child support is deemed appropriate, your lawyer can argue for a fair amount that will meet your children’s need whether you will be the one paying or receiving it.

3. Alimony

Alimony refers to court-ordered payments from one spouse to another after a separation meant to provide financial assistance to the one that needs it. When it comes to this issue, emotions can run high because one person is helping to support another whom they are no longer even involved with.

A divorce lawyer can assist with the establishment of alimony payments. If you will be the one paying, he/she can assist you in arguing for a fair amount. If it becomes evident that making the payments is affecting your ability to support yourself, your divorce lawyer can return the matter to court and possible have the amount reduced. If you are on the receiving end, your lawyer can argue for the amount that will best meet your needs and argue for increases if ever required.

4. Paperwork

When filing for a divorce, there is a tremendous amount of paperwork involved. Because you are probably unfamiliar with the process this can leave you frustrated and if you do not complete all paperwork properly it can lead to delays affecting the settlement date.

The lawyer that you hire will look after all paperwork required for you to obtain your divorce. All you will be required to do is provide the information needed to complete them. Because the judge in your matter will rely heavily on the forms provided, you want to ensure they are completed accurately with no errors or omissions. Otherwise, a judgement could go against you.

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