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4 Quick Facts About IPL Procedures

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In the world of dermatology, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is used on patients for many skin treatments. This must only be performed by a licensed medical practitioner. This treatment may be for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes (or both). It makes use of broad-spectrum light energy to correct a number of skin conditions safely.

Some of these conditions include rosacea, damaged blood vessels and discolouration from sun damage. The results are astounding even if some of the problems have been there for years. The best part is, there is very little recovery time and skin is left feeling soft and smooth. Let’s look closer at IPL to see what it can do for you.

1. Hair Removal

Using this method, a person can get rid of hair in certain areas of the body. Unwanted hair can be a little embarrassing. If you have unwanted hair, this is one method you can safely use to get rid of it. Otherwise, the other alternatives you can try would be things like shaving, waxing or plucking. There are also creams one could use.

However, when you use these other methods, you are prone to getting nicks and cuts and of course, it can be pretty painful as well. It is possible to develop a rash and bumps and the area may get sore and itchy. Using a laser is a safe, simple and effective answer to this problem and it isn’t painful, nor will there be any of the other issues associated with those other methods.

2. Rosacea

This is a chronic skin condition affecting millions of people. It can affect the cheeks, nose and forehead. There is also redness associated with this which may or may not be permanent. Red pustular lesions become clearly visible. The skin on your face can become abnormally flushed. IPL is one of the treatments used to manage and improve this condition, because it cannot actually be cured.

3. Damage From The Sun

Being exposed to the sun can age your skin. Repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays or from other artificial sources can cause premature wrinkles. The tone and texture of your skin will change because the elastin and collagen in your skin breaks down. Other undesirable changes also occur, including loose and leathery skin and uneven pigmentation. Wrinkles and volume loss can be treated with other methods while incorporating IPL as part of the treatment. IPL can help to stimulate collagen production while reducing pigmented lesions.

4. Acne

This condition generally starts during the teenage years but it can also carry on into adulthood. This condition can be very embarrassing for teenagers, especially when developing an interest in the opposite sex. It is thought that genetics plays a part in someone getting acne. Some people are lucky in that it may clear up and leave no scars. Others end up being permanently scarred. IPL can be used as part of the treatment to help keep the skin clear.

Of course there are other conditions and ways that IPL can be used to help to treat patients. If you want outstanding results, you will need to see someone who is qualified, licensed and experienced. This is the only way to enable you to have the best results.

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