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5 Alternative Cancer Treatments With Great Potential

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There are many different forms of cancer and each is devastating, responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world. Treatment has progressed over the years and methods such as chemotherapy have given victims of cancer a better chance of survival more so now than ever before.

However, such treatments have devastating side effects and there is no guarantee that they will be effective. As a result, those suffering from cancer are turning to alternative cancer treatments and below are 5 that have the potential to be successful.

1. Cellect

Cellect is a nutritional supplement specifically manufactured for cancer patients. However, it does have the potential to combat other terminal diseases as well. In fact, taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and enough exercise, cellect has allegedly put cancer into remission in quite a few patients especially those with stage 4 cancer.

Cellect comes in a powder form and is largely composed of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Some patients couple the consumption of cellect with the Budwig diet that consists of avoiding meats, dairy, and processed foods in favour of flaxseed, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. This is widely known as the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

2. Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)

IPT consists of using insulin in a more targeted approach against cancer cells. In this type of treatment, glucose levels are deliberately lowered to the point where the patient suffers hypoglycemia and therefore extremely receptive to any type of nutrients subsequently given. When small doses of insulin are given, it attaches itself to cells and allow nutrients to enter. In conjunction with chemotherapy it is believed IPT makes the medication more effective.

IPT is seen by many as a potentially effective treatment for cancer because it also reduces the amount of chemotherapy required and thus reducing symptoms that are viewed as debilitating and discouraging.

3. Hyperthermia treatment

Hyperthermia treatment refers to using extreme heat to destroy existing cancer cells and shrink tumours. This occurs by damaging proteins within cancer cells and cutting off blood flow to tumours. The heat used is controlled closely so healthy cells are not damaged in the process.

Hyperthermia treatment can be given in one of three ways. Heat can be applied locally to one small area of the body. This is especially beneficial when a tumour is evident. The second way is heat being applied to a large area of the body believed to be affected by cancer, such as a limb or organ. Finally, hyperthermia treatments can involve applying heat to the whole body with the use of hot-water blankets, baths, or incubation chambers.

4. High-dose vitamin C treatments

In high-dose vitamin C treatments, it is given to cancer patients in extremely high quantities, usually intravenously. In doing so, it is hoped that it will build up in the blood and then be able to attack cells affected by cancer.

In lab tests involving mice, it has been demonstrated that high-dose vitamin C treatments were able to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy ones intact. While it is well-established that these treatments cannot fight cancer on its own, it is thought that they can boost the effectiveness of traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

5. Mistletoe therapy

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on trees such as oak, maple, and pine. It has historically been used to help treat conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure and epilepsy.

Mistletoe therapy is used in the fight against cancer because it boosts the immune system and destroys cancer cells. It is given intravenously and has shown its ability to leave healthy cells unaffected.

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