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5 Health Conditions Aided By Coffee Enemas

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A coffee enema is a process consisting of injecting coffee into the anus to rid the body of components that could cause illness and infection. While it may seem like a foreign process and strange to some people, it is becoming increasingly popular due to the things it can help address.

Below are five health conditions that coffee enemas can definitely assist with. If you find yourself suffering from one of these conditions, and traditional treatments have proven to be unhelpful to date, consider a coffee enema today.

1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

PMS can be a very difficult time of the month for women, responsible for problematic symptoms such as bloating, irritability, and fatigue among many others. As a result, women often look for ways to ease these symptoms that disrupt everyday routines and responsibilities.

Coffee enemas can be instrumental in making PMS symptoms a little more tolerable. They do so by removing toxins in the blood and bile that is produced in the liver. Coffee is an effective anti-inflammatory, meaning it can help your body in addressing the pain that cramps and bloating

2. Skin conditions

Poor skin is unsightly and can be the cause of embarrassment and poor self-esteem. There are many creams and cleansers that advertise that they can help clear up poor skin, but these can be ineffective, resulting in a waste of time and money.

Coffee enemas have proven their ability to play a role in fighting poor skin. Conditions such as acne and blemishes appear on this skin because toxins are able to pass freely through the surface. A coffee enema is able to flush the whole body of these toxins. They are also able to regulate hormones that can cause acne as well, leaving your skin clean and healthy-looking.

3. Parasites

When parasites enter the human body, they can wreak havoc, causing illnesses with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gas. They often enter the body from foods that have not been treated properly.

Parasites usually find their way to your colon once they enter the body. Therefore, it is only logical that a coffee enema would assist you in flushing them out. Coffee enemas are able to clean your colon, flushing out any remnants of feces that attract parasites in the first place.

4. Constipation

Constipation is a common condition among adults. While there are many over-the-counter medications to address this issue, they can be largely ineffective if your body contains impacted feces.

Coffee enemas can assist with constipation by flushing the colon, ensuring that feces can pass more freely from the body. When you undergo this process, your body receives more water which can help facilitate peristalsis, the movement of muscles in the digestive tract that allow bowel movements to occur. Coffee enemas also cause your body to produce more bile which is instrumental in the digestive process.

5. Dehydration

Your body needs water to be healthy and able to perform the processes it needs to. Without it, dehydration occurs and symptoms include dizziness, dry skin, heart palpitations, and problems breathing. Many things can cause dehydration, such as not drinking enough water, drinking types that do not hydrate the body, or excessive sugars that do not hydrate the body well at all.

Coffee enemas aid the hydration process because additional water can be added to the body. This is especially helpful to people who are dehydrated due to not consuming enough water or ingesting food and beverages that facilitate dehydration. An increase in water can also dislodge yeasts in the colon that cause illness and infection.

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