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5 Healthy Habits to Maintain Your Dental Implants

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Growing up, one of the big lessons that is often repeated ad nauseum is that you should always take good care of your teeth. Dental hygiene, in general, is an incredibly important part of life, as it can both make things a bit easier for you in daily life, or make some doors a little harder to open if neglected. Luckily, there are ways to revive your dental health, even after the loss of your own teeth.

Dental implants can effectively take the place of any lost teeth that may occur, and can last a good, long while with the proper care. This is why it’s a great thing that caring for your dental implants is pretty easy. In fact, caring for them isn’t all that different than simply caring for natural teeth. See for yourself in the five tips provided below!

1. Brush Thoroughly Twice a Day

Implants or not, this is a good tip for any person, young or old. By simply brushing regularly, you can prevent tooth and gum decay, as well as deterioration of your dental implants. Honestly, not having to do the entire experience of having the implants installed all over again is well worth the time it takes to brush twice a day.

2. Floss Regularly

Just like brushing twice a day, a daily floss can help anyone, even if they do have dental implants. Flossing thoroughly will help rid your teeth of any left over food that may become stuck between your teeth. These leftovers may lead to harmful bacteria that may end up causing cavities and problems for your dental implants. Nobody wants to deal with those in any capacity, right?

3. Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

There are a lot of good foods out there that are hard and sticky. The best tasting foods are sometimes the worst for your teeth, in fact. Maybe you’ve had that moment when you sink your teeth into a delicious caramel apple and thought to yourself, “Oh, I can feel my dentist seething from here.”

Well, that feeling is often times called for, as foods such as that can really harm both your teeth and your dental implants. They make your implant weaker and can cause many other tooth related issues. Yes, they’re criminally delicious and easy to enjoy, but you may want to take a moment to think about the harm that can come from eating them.

4. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Excessively

Neither of these habits are inherently good for you, but they are easy habits to fall into, nonetheless. Both can lead to some rather severe oral health problems and can most certainly do a number on dental implants. Of course, consuming alcohol in moderation will not cause too much damage, but responsibility is the key to oral health.

5. Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Seeing your dentist can give you all the insight and tips you will ever need on how to properly care for your dental implants. Simply listening to what they say and following their instructions will make your time with the implants go much easier. Routine checkups can help inform you of any issues you may need to know about, and what the overall status of your oral health is. As you can imagine, that information is incredibly valuable and should always be taken into consideration if you want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

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