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7 Living Accommodations You Want During a Medical Stay

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If you are in town for a medical stay, you might want to consider a short-term rental instead of a hotel. This is especially advisable if you are staying for extended periods of time, up to a month or even longer. There are a number of good reasons why you should consider staying at a short-term rental. Here are just a few of them.

1. Low Cost

Staying in a hotel, especially on prolonged periods, can be extremely expensive. If you add medical bills, the total cost can be extremely prohibitive. It is far more inexpensive to go for a short-term fully furnished rental, especially if you will need to rent for a month or even longer.

2. Spacious

Short term rentals come with a choice of a wide variety of furnished apartment options, which are usually more spacious than hotel rooms. Should your family be coming along with you, the extra space that comes with apartment rentals can comfortably accommodate you and your family at no extra costs.

Depending on your needs, you can have your choice of a studio apartment or 1, 2, or even 3 bedroom apartment rentals at prices that are far less than staying in a hotel.

3. Amenities

There is a misconception that short-term rentals do not feature the same kind of amenities that hotels provide. The reality, however, is that there are some short-term apartment rentals that feature 5-star amenities.

Whether you are on a tight budget and are looking for a basic short-term apartment rental, or perhaps you want to enjoy 5-star amenities, there is a solution for you that is less expensive than hotel accommodation.

4. Self-Catering

If you are the type that likes to make your meals, a self-catering apartment or house rental comes featured with a furnished kitchen. From here, you can prepare whatever meal you want. Besides, if you want to experience the local flavour, you can get your groceries from the local shops. The beauty of being able to self-cater is that you get to prepare your best meals at prices far much lower than those charged in restaurants.

5. Privacy Considerations

If you are the kind that value your privacy (most people do), renting a short-term apartment or house is highly recommended. Unlike a hotel room where you have to constantly pass by the reception desk to drop and pick your key, with apartment or home rentals you are left alone. Nobody bothers about what time you leave or return.

6. Homely Feel

With a short-term rental, you get that “home away from home” feeling. Your apartment will feature most of the facilities that you have at home, making you feel as though you are in your house. You can make your own meals, come in whenever you want; and you don’t even have to engage in small talk with the hotel staff. In an apartment rental, you are truly at home.

7. Diverse Locations

Unlike hotels, which are located in specific, tourists-preferred downtown areas, rental apartments and houses are located in more diverse locations and neighbourhoods. If you want some peace and tranquillity away from the city, you are likely to find ideal short-term rentals at a fraction of what it will cost you to rent a hotel room in the city.

While choosing a short-term rental as opposed to hotel accommodation is recommended, always make sure you are working with a company with a reputation for excellent services that offers locations close to the hospital. Check out online reviews of short-term rentals provided by various companies before settling on one that you feel has good genuine reviews.

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