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Are Dental Implants Really Safe?

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Dental implants have become increasingly popular and widespread over the past twenty years. Although in use before then, implants are more common than before with few side effects or problems. However, before undergoing any significant dental procedure, it is a good idea to consider any safety risks that may be involved. While most implant procedures go extremely well, there are a few potential complications to be prepared for. Talk to your oral surgeon or other dental professional before having dental implants done.


Local anesthesia like that used for tooth fillings or tooth removal is commonly used. Twilight anesthesia, which is a mild sedative that places the patient in a semi-unconscious state, is sometimes preferred by patients. Most people tolerate either technique fairly well. It is important to inform the implant specialist in advance of any allergies to either type of anesthesia or accompanying equipment, such as latex gloves, as well as any kind of pain medication.


The vast majority of dental implants are successful and safe. However, in a few cases the patient will contract an infection from the procedure through no fault of the dental practitioner. If one should develop, the infection can usually be effectively treated with routine antibiotics. Patients should always take antibiotics prescribed prophylactically by the specialist if required to do so to help prevent a bacterial infection following the surgical implantation of the stud, or post, in the bone.

Cadaver tissue.

To build up bone tissue in preparation for an implant, a bone graft may be performed. This involves using cadaver tissue that has been radiated to destroy cancerous cells, germs, and other unwanted substances. Although there have been cases where cadaver tissue was sold to oral surgeons unknowingly, which later led to the recipients contracting diseases from the donor host material, that is very rare. Most tissue is perfectly safe to use. Alternately, the patient’s own bone material can be harvested for a jaw bone graft, or porcelain may be used instead.

Problems resulting from dental implants are few and far between. When they do occur, most can be readily treated without serious consequences. Modern dentistry and oral surgery have progressed to the point where dental implants are as safe as pulling teeth or even getting fillings, at least for many patients. However, it is always important to provide the dentist or surgeon with a complete medical history so that existing or potential medical issues that might stem from an implant can be evaluated and treated if necessary. For those of you interested, DentalImplantsToronto.Info has more information available on their website.

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