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Health Benefits of Saunas

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Infrared light has been used by medical doctors for decades to treat patients with skin disorders and other health ailments. The healing benefits of infrared are so wide known among the medical community that even insurance companies approve the payment of most infrared treatments. Infrared is now available to everyone, not just medical patients.

Infrared rays include all the good benefits of the sun without any of the harmful elements that cause skin cancers. There are no UVA or UVB rays in infrared light beams but there are high doses of vitamin D and other nutrients that are found in sunshine.

Why Not Just Sit in the Sun?

Sitting in the sun will induce deep sweating and will expose a person to those desirable natural doses of vitamin D. However, there is a high risk of skin damage that results from sitting in the sun. Sunscreen is necessary to sit safely in the sun. Unfortunately, when a person wears sunscreen, they are also blocking all the beneficial ingredients of the sun from being absorbed into their body. Therefore, the only safe way to get all the benefits of the sun is by sitting in an infrared sauna.


WOral hat is the Difference Between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional Sauna?

Sitting in a traditional sauna will certainly induce deep sweating and thus cause one’s body to release toxins. This is a very relaxing and therapeutic way to lose water weight, reduce stress and promote feelings of well being. However, that is where the benefits of a traditional sauna end.

In an infrared light sauna, the light beams actually penetrate the surface of one’s skin by about an inch. This will not only cause a person to sweat profusely, it also penetrates fat cells and releases deep seated toxins. Traditional saunas cannot honestly purport to reduce cellulite and fat pockets. Infrared saunas honestly can make this claim.

When a person uses an infrared sauna, there are a several necessary steps to take for optimal benefits:

• Wear as little clothing as possible so the infrared light beams can penetrate the skin. The beams do not penetrate clothing.

• Drink at least 30 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of time spent in the sauna.

• After using the sauna, the body will continue to sweat and release toxins. Therefore, it is mandatory to continue sipping water. Drink another 30 ounces within the hour after leaving the sauna.

• Shower immediately after using the sauna to rinse off all impurities and toxins.

• Follow a diet that is low in grease and bad fats. By doing so, one can notice the weight loss benefits of using infrared lighting.

• Do not apply lotions or body oils while using infrared light therapy.

• Be aware that one’s body odor will be stronger as a result of using the sauna. This is a good thing that is caused by all the pollutants that are being released from the body.

• Do not eat right before going into the sauna. Allow an hour between eating and using the sauna for best results

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