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How Hospitals Can Improve Waste Management

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How Hospitals Can Improve Waste Management

A critical aspect associated with hospital management and administration relates to the management of hospital waste. Even a small hospital can produce a considerable amount of waste, and you must have an effective plan to manage and eliminate this waste from the facility on a regular basis. Without such a plan, issues related to sanitation and safety, the efficient use of space and more may become significant in your facility. From investing in a trash compactor to making use of special services, there are several steps you can take to better manage your facility’s waste issue.

Implement a Hospital Recycling Program
As a first step, consider implementing a hospital recycling program if you do not currently have one available. A significant amount of waste that your facility generates may be recyclable. For example, everything from waste paper at the nurses’ stations to canned goods used in the kitchen or cafeteria may be recycled. You will need to find a recycling service to facilitate the effort, and you will also need to invest in recycling waste receptacles to place throughout the facility. Educating your employees about which items can be recycled may also be necessary.

Schedule Hazardous Waste Removal Service
Hazardous waste, such as soiled items, used needles and more, are common in hospitals as well. These must be properly disposed of for the safety of your staff and patients, and they typically cannot be tossed into a standard waste receptacle. As part of your waste containment and elimination plan, you may need to contract with a waste management company that can pick up these items regularly and that can properly dispose of them for you.

Invest in a Trash Compactor
While recyclable waste and hazardous waste require special handling, there may be many other types of waste that require general disposal. This type of waste can be reduced through effective recycling and hazardous waste programs. However, you may still have a growing pile of waste to contend with regularly. Investing in compaction equipment is a smart idea. Through the use of a trash compactor, your staff members can consolidate the waste tightly so that more waste can be stored onsite until the waste management company arrives to remove it.

Through the daily operations of a hospital, a tremendous amount of waste is generated. Your janitorial team may be responsible for removing the waste from the recycling bins, hazardous waste receptacles and general trash bins, but you must still contract with a waste management company to remove each of these waste types from your facility. If you find that your facility is still generating more waste than you can handle, consider increasing the frequency of waste removal service. If you need more information from an expert, Rotoble Compaction may be able to help you.

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