Home Advice Is Dental Hygiene a Good Career? 5 Job Perks to Change Your Mind

Is Dental Hygiene a Good Career? 5 Job Perks to Change Your Mind

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In today’s precarious job market, it can be hard to decide if it makes sense to invest in continuing your education. Many programs offer appealing PR material but might leave you without real job prospects upon completion.

Luckily, there are still options out there where you can get quality training for a reasonable price and have reliable job security after you finish the course, and dental hygiene is one of these.

If you’re trying to decide how to move forward and find a rewarding career path, here are a few reasons why continuing your education with a dental hygiene course might be worth considering.

1. Good compensation

Many people decide to pursue more education because they start to feel underpaid in their current job. If you’ve been doing the same thing for several years and have realized that there isn’t much room for growth if you stay put, then dental hygiene could be a great solution.

Not only do dental hygienists start out with a relatively high salary, but the amount you’re able to earn will even increase as you gain more experience. On top of that, you can generally look forward to receiving quality employee benefits that will help to improve your overall quality of life and provide you with peace of mind.

2. Reliable job security

Speaking of peace of mind, one of the most beneficial aspects of pursuing a career in dental hygiene is knowing that you’re embarking on a secure career path.

With unstable unemployment rates, it is good to know that you’ll be entering a field which is disproportionately unaffected by this. Especially if you have had to deal with periods of unemployment in the past, you’ll feel much better moving forward while knowing this is not something you’re likely to face again.

3. Increased flexibility

If your current situation is leaving you little time for family, friend, or personal interests, you’ll be glad to learn that a career as a dental hygienist will provide you with flexible working hours and the ability to create your own schedule.

Many people decide to continue their education because they realize that life is about more than just work and they want a job that pays well but also gives them the freedom to pursue the other things that matter to them. Working in dental hygiene, you will be able to work full or part time depending on your needs, and because dental offices are open days, evenings, and even weekends, you can create a working schedule that fits in to the rest of your life.

4. Job satisfaction

Although dental hygiene will provide with the time to pursue other things that matter to you, you will also likely find that you start to get increased satisfaction from your work. As a dental hygienist you will have the opportunity to form relationships with patients, meet new people, and look forward to each day being different in your workplace.

5. Making a difference

In addition to the exciting work that comes from an ever-changing schedule, you will also realize that the work of a dental hygienist involves a lot more than just cleaning people’s teeth. In fact, current training now provides dental hygienists with the skillset necessary to assess gum disease, check for oral cancer and apply fluoride.

In addition to these routine tasks, you’ll be helping dentists with medical emergencies and can assist in counselling patients regarding proper oral hygiene practices and how to best recover post-operation. Due to the fact that many patients have a fear of visiting the dentist, the role of a dental hygienist also involves creative a calming and friendly environment, all which contribute to allowing you to feel good about the work you do.

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